We build & supply a variety of high quality & designed Skid mounted equipment to make your business as cost, Time & energy efficient as possible.



4 head semi-auto 3 tank cask washer capable of 45-50 casks per hour.



Dry Hop infusion system, 25kg – 125kg model sizes available. The hop-ix acts as an intermediary vessel for the dosing, dispersion & infusion of dry hops. Utilising a combination of pressure & counter-flow current technology, turbulence generated within the unit increases product contact coverage.

Download the Hop-IX data sheet.

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Clean in place unit for automated hygienic cleaning of vessels & pipework in the dairy, food & beverage industry.

Download the CIP-IX data sheet.



Inline cooling & carbonation package.

Download the Carb-IX data sheet.


Prop-IX – Yeast-IX

Pre-packaged, modular, skid mounted plug and play yeast propagation system designed with the craft brewer in mind. We offer a range of propagation skids from 5-25HL yeast production capability. Available in Manual and semi-Auto the Yeast-IX can be easily integrated into your brewery team and budget.

The Yeast-IX consists of a primary propagation vessel (PPV) with the following capabilities:

  • Closed and External CIP and SIP capabilities.
  • Temperature control. Heating and cooling control.
  • Pasteurisation capabilities for the production of sterile stable growth mediums.
  • Gentle homogenisation via mixing arms or pumps depending on customer requirement.
  • Yeast cropping and storage capabilities.
  • Fully pressure rated Vessels with blow off and Vacuum protection.
  • Oxygen injection.
  • Load cells for accurate mass volume monitoring.
  • Auto cell count and viability monitoring (Optional Extra).

The Yeast-IX is also capable of adding modular storage vessels complete with many of the same features as the primary propagation vessel (PPV) this gives the brewer the ability to store multiple strains and volumes on site to meet demand.

The Yeast-IX is designed to propagate cultures from 20ltr carlsberg flask and up significantly reducing the cost of bringing commercial strains on site. Typically a cost reduction of up to 90% can be achieved in most cases.



Stainless steel manual 3 head keg filler capable of filling 3 x 50L kegs per minute.

All of our product’s are manufactured in the UK and come with a 10 year warranty. Moving parts come with a 3 year manufacture warranty. All our products can also be funded via our finance partner if you would like to know more Information please visit our finance page (insert link here)

We can also recommend and source Canning & Bottling lines to suit your needs, Please get in touch via our contact page & a member of our team can assist with your requirements.



Cools high volumes of product quickly.

We believe a plate cooler is an essential ingredient to any processing facility. They can be highly efficient, both environmentally and economically.

One of the main uses of heat exchangers is to rapidly cool the product after boiling. This process of heat exchange produces warm water, which can in turn be used to then pre-heat the product before boiling again.

They can also be used for pasteurisation ahead of bottling. Heat exchangers will significantly reduce the amount of wasted heat in the process. We estimate that any investment will pay for itself within 1-2 years.

Download our Plate Heat Exchange Brochure

“We have now used it on two beers and have had great results. Both the beers we have used it on have been beers that we have previously made without using the hop rocket so we have been able to look at side by side results. On both beers, using the same quantities of hops as before, the flavours and aromas have been massively improved and the process takes a matter of hours rather than days.”

Ian Morris ‘head brewer at Electric Bear Brewery’


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Confidence of our Quality

All our tanks Are fabricated in our workshop & come with a 10 year warranty & minimum 25 year shelf life Guarantee, Moving parts come with a 3 year warranty. All Fabrication requires signing off from customer prior to contruction once happy with Cad drawing supplied.

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