Turnkey Brewhouse installation

At 6ix Fabdec we offer an extensive selection of various skid systems & individual tanks to meet with our clients requirements. Whether it be Steam, Electric, Thermal fluid or Gas we can be sure to find a way to meet your needs. Our standard size of systems range from 10HL - 100HL.

Lets have a look below at our standard 3 Vessel skid compact brewhouse system the BREW-IX.

Brew-IX – Compact skid 3 vessel Brewhouse

At a glance…

  • Fully assembled “PLug and Play” skid-mounted brewhouse
  • Compact design
  • 10-100HL Brewlength
  • Various heating options
  • Custom built to your requirements with options for mash mixers, Lauter blades, Step mashing etc
  • Semi automatic control as standard, Fully automatic available
  • User friendly, built with craft brewers in mind
  • Under 5 hours average turn time from start to finish
  • Minimal installation on site, drop, connect, brew.
  • 10 years guarantee, manufactured with pride in the uk.
  • 2 years’ free servicing

Key features….

The Brew-IX comes a modular Three Vessel system as standard. It is also available in Two and Four Vessel configuration upon request.

The Standard three Vessel system is designed with the modern craft brewer in mind. It consists of a Mash Lauter Vessel, Copper and Whirlpool. The Skid is Steam powered as standard and includes heating capability across all vessels. The Brewhouse-IX comes as standard semi automated with full automation upgrades achieved with minimal disruption.

………Lets have a look at each Vessel and its exclusive features.


  • The Mash Lauter Tun is our primary mashing and wort separation vessel. It utilises a combination static Hydration and Mixing from the Rake arm assembly to ensure a consistent homogeneous mash and temperature every time. This MLT can in turn be preheated of simultaneously heated during mashing in operations via its steam heating jacket.
  • The MLT feed water supply utilises in line mixing of Hot and Colt incoming liquor this allows for optimal temperatures to be achieved with ease.
  • The MLT is also equipt with distinct features such as a dual entry point vorloff system, with entry points into the mash bed and over the mash bed allowing for effective, even temperature and mixing during step mashing operations and wort clarifying operations.
  • The Sparge assembly is utilises a full span rotating sparge arm ensuring absolute coverage of the grain bed and even distribution of sparge liqour keeping pooling to a minimum.
  • The rake and knives assembly has been designed with the craft brewer in mind allowing for easy management of even the most difficult of grists. The assembly is also fitted with a discharge plough to allow easy removal of spent grains our the side of the Vessel.
  • The vessel is fit with above and below CIP spray balls and jets to allow complete flushing and CIP of the vessel without the need for disruptive removable of lauter plates and the need or risk of vessel entry.
  • Overall the vessel has been specified to an over size to allow the production of High gravity worts. The bed loading can also be reduced by the addition of a mash displacement collar around the centre post of the Rake arm assembly this makes the Brew-IX truly unique as it allows for the production of high and low gravity wort without compromise or the need to add additional sized Lauter vessels.


  • The Copper is fully steam jacketed on the cone and barrel, both are individually controlled allowing for immediate application of heat and reduction in time required to raise the boil. Our Samson control steam valves allow extremely accurate control over boil temps.
  • The Copper is bottom fed minimising hot side aeration during Lauter operations.
  • The Copper is equipt with a spreader plate system and is mechanically driven via a LOW shear pump ensuring careful handling of the wort and maintaining an exceptional level of control regarding evaporation of volatile compounds and concentration of wort gravity.
  • The Copper can also be easily equipt with an External wort boiler as modular standard upon customer request.
  • The Copper is equipt with a tangential inlet to allow whirlpool operations to take place in vessel this wort route can also be redirected through the heat exchanger to allow for alteration of the copper temperature or whirlpool stand temperature, for instance in the reduction of alpha acid isomerisation on Hop additions.
  • The Copper can also be routed directly or via the heat exchanger to the Whirlpool.


  • The Whirlpool is designed with low shear, low hot side aeration uptake and mass flow in mind. This is achieved with the low placement of its entry point and attention to detail on process pipework.
  • The Whirlpool utilises the latest inverted cone technology as a vessel base allowing a uniform trub cone to form quickly whilst keeping the recovery of clear wort to an absolute maximum. A trub dam has also been fitted to restrict any carryover of proteins and solids.
  • Minimal settling times are achieved using the Whirlpools 2.8:1 width to Height ratio.
  • The Whirlpool has also been fitted with a recirc process loop from the heat exchanger to allow for cooling of worts or staged cooling cycles.
  • The Whirlpool has been fitted with a steam heating/liquid cooling jacket this can have many applications such as heating and boiling worts or alternatively cooling worts if configured that way. This allows for example the safe storage and pasteurisation of souring wort within the brewhouse. The whirlpool capability of the Copper allows for continual production during souring operations.


At 6ixFabdec we believe quality is priority, the same way a brewer carefully selects his ingredients is exactly how we select our suppliers. Below is just a few of our working partners;

  • IFM electronic for instrumentation such as temp probes, pressure sensors & hi/low level sensors
  • Samson control valves
  • Endress & Hauser for flow meters
  • Inoxpa Valves & Pumps


Lets have a look at a typical output for our BREW-IX 30HL standard 3 Vessel.


Single Turn Shift:

  • Single turn time 30HL: 04.45Hrs process time
  • Single turn time with prep & CIP: 05.45Hrs

Double Turn Shift:

  • Double turn time 60HL: 07.00Hrs process time
  • Double turn time with prep & CIP 60HL: 08.00Hrs

Triple Turn Shift:

  • Triple turn time 90HL: 10.00Hrs process time
  • Triple turn time with prep & CIP 90HL: 11.00Hrs

24HR Turn Shift:

  • Seven turns time 210HL: 22.00Hrs process time
  • Seven turns time with prep & deep clean CIP 210HL: 24.00Hrs

 Max recommended annual output 30HL: 

  • 65,500 HL/Year or 6,555,000 Ltrs/Year
  • 11,535,187 Pints/Year or 2.62 Olympic swimming pools/Year
  • 58.24 Double decker London busses/Year or 6.33 747-400 Boeing jumbo jets/Year


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Confidence of our Quality

All our tanks Are fabricated in our workshop & come with a 10 year warranty & minimum 25 year shelf life Guarantee, Moving parts come with a 3 year warranty. All Fabrication requires signing off from customer prior to contruction once happy with Cad drawing supplied.

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