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CIP Systems

image00006Clean in place unit for Automated hygienic cleaning of vessels & pipework in the dairy, food & beverage sectors. Our typical size of systems range from 300L manual – 80,000L fully automated. The CIP-IX comes with both an optional service pack & contract with chemical supplier inc free annual CIP health check & operator training for peace of mind.

Plant scope

  • Fully skid packaged Plug and Play Clean in Place unit, available with modular degrees of automation. Just connect power, water, heat source and go.
  • Plant designed and specified custom to cater to various applications, vessels and systems and improving CIP performance and versatility.


  • Standard 3 Vessel Design consisting of Caustic, Acid, and Rinse/Sterilisation Tank.
  • All vessels are equipt with a CIP recovery system enabling re use of chemicals, leading to significant reduction of chemical usage, overheads and environmental impact.
  • All vessels can be ran in total loss as well and as recovery mode if so desired.
  • Sets are complete with a Discharge and Scavenge (return) pumps that can be custom sized to system/application specification.
  • Vessels can be equipt with steam heating coils or electrical elements as required to suit your heating source on a site to site basis.
  • Vessels are insulated and clad where required to provide heat source cost efficiency.
  • The CIP set has been designed with large hinged lids to allow for ease of manual chemical dosing or tank inspection.
  • The CIP set can be equipt with automatic dosing and chemical monitoring systems to ensure effectiveness of CIP performance and optimise chemical consumption and environmental impact.
  • Vessels are fitted with a removable internal CIP spray ball to allow for effective removal of heavy internal soiling or scaling.
  • The CIP set can be supplied in Manual mode right through to Fully automatic mode.
  • The CIP set can be programmed intelligently to apply heating during necessary hours only saving labour and energy cost.
  • The CIP set can be custom programmed to supply cost effective dosages and CIP operational hours to reduce chemical and energy overheads.

Control Optionality

  • Manual control mode: Consisting of basic on/off pump control systems, digital thermostatic controllers, pump protection system and manually operated butterfly valves.
  • Semi automatic control mode: Consisting of manual on off pump control, digital pump timers, digital thermostatic controllers/timers, pump protection system and manually operated butterfly valves.
  • Automatic control mode: HMI display controlled PLC capable of controlling; pump timers, thermostatic controllers, pump protection system, chemical dosing system, integrated pH/conductivity monitoring for CIP optimisation and servo operated valves.

CIP assessment (how effective is your CIP) 

  • 6ix Fabdec can supply where needed ATP monitoring systems to ensure effective cleaning of surface and liquid interfaces, titration chemical test kits to ensure effective chemical dosage.

CIP safety

  • The CIP set is as standard fitted with an Emergency stop system and emergency stop door interlocks for vessel lids can be fitted upon customer request.

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