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6ix Fabdec work in partnership with other companies and below is a selection of who we deal with.

  • Tiny Rebel

    We are Tiny Rebel, an award-winning brewery from Newport, South Wales.

    We are the youngest and only Welsh brewery to win Champion beer of Britain. We are the only brewery to have won gold, silver and bronze in the Champion Beer of Wales competition (in our first year!) and the only brewery to defend a gold the following year.

    SIBA Brewery Business of the Year and International Beer Challenge UK Brewer of the Year 2016.

    But really, we’re just fans of super tasty beer.

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  • Cloud Waterbrew Co.

    At the heart of Cloudwater Brew Co. is a deep love for the changing seasons, each bringing with it an invitation to enjoy the scarcity and abundance the natural world offers.

    We take inspiration from our community, and the change of lifestyle each season, creating beer for moments with friends and loved ones, and to accompany quiet pauses and jovial conviviality as we relax and unwind.

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  • Butcombe Brewing Co.

    In 1978, Butcombe Brewing Co. began. It was a time of cultural, social and political change, soundtracked by bands full of spit and anger riding the crest of the punk wave. Margaret Thatcher took the Tory leadership, the IRA waged war, the Yorkshire Ripper cast a long shadow over the North and the meaning of life was revealed as the number 42.

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  • Duration Brewing

    Duration will place a regional craft brewery in West Norfolk to deliver fresh, wild and blended farm-style beers with a sense of belonging.

    Inspired by our immediate surroundings and a respect for all that has gone before us, we will make heritage and innovative beer. We seek to give back more than we take from our moment in time.

    Rooted in our majestic West Acre home we pour nature into our beers to celebrate the Nar Valley and all it’s rich produce. Cultivating time, terroir and purpose in an estate approach to beer making.

    Duration is nestled in ancient woodlands midway along the Nar Valley Pilgrim Trail. In the ruins of an old priory and by the banks of a chalk river, with seasonal camping and a variety of accommodation close by.

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  • Fourpure Brewing Company

    The Fourpure story is a simple but inspiring one – two brothers with a passion for travel and adventure, looking to share their experiences of good times, great beer and welcoming hospitality, at home in London.

    In 2012 Dan, an avid homebrewer and beer enthusiast, was looking to find an outlet for his craft, whilst brother Tom, travelling the West Coast of the U.S., was experiencing the open road and front line of the modern beer scene. Inspired by the daring and innovative methods adopted by modern breweries and a passion for flavour, Dan and Tom set up Fourpure in 2013 with the goal of sharing this passion, making good beer accessible and taking beer lovers on a journey to explore new tastes and flavours

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  • Thwaites

    Brewing is where life began for the Daniel Thwaites brand. More than two centuries later, we continue refining our recipes and delighting drinkers.

    Our brewers share an impeccable taste in beer. Every week they mash hops, barley and brewing liquor for hundreds of handpumps in some of England's most popular pub

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  • Crate Brewery

    There’s a CRATE beer for every time and taste, each one packed with unmistakable flavour. Sit back with a cold one and open up.

    From the staples to the limited specials, there's a CRATE take on style, flavour and taste - and one for every occasion.

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  • Siren Craft Brew

    Siren Craft Brew was born in 2013 with a simple idea in mind: to introduce exciting, full-flavoured and forward-thinking beers to as many people as possible.

    There are now six Sirens of Siren Craft Brew. These Sirens characterise our flagship beers. They're adventurous but drinkable, designed to be accessible to those lured into craft beer, yet flavourful enough for those seasoned beer fans to return to time and time again.

    In addition, we have a prolific brewing schedule, with over 100 releases planned in 2019 alone. We are lucky enough to have been named the 'Best Brewer in England' by Ratebeer users in 2015, and added to that with a Supreme Champion Beer of Britain award by CAMRA this year in 2018.

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  • Villages Brewery

    Hello! We're an independent brewery in the heart of Deptford, South London. We brew a core range of sessionable beers alongside experimental and seasonal brews.

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  • Bays Brewery

    Our passion is to brew premium ales using the finest local ingredients whilst also supporting the community and protecting the environment. Our products are delivered to hundreds of pubs, restaurants and shops all over the South West and further afield which has firmly established us as one of the region’s top breweries.

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  • Electric Bear Brewery

    The name of our brewery comes from the old Bear Brewery that used to stand on the corner of the Wellsway, next to the Bear Inn in the Bear Flat area of Bath. Electric derives from how we power our brewhouse kettle (AKA the ‘copper’ - the vessel used to boil the wort during brewing).

    That original Bear Brewery is now gone – the victim of a WWII Baedeker bombing raid in April 1942. But we are Electric Bear. Brewing here is back – bigger and better than ever.

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  • Black Cow Vodka

    Black Cow is the world's smoothest vodka, made purely from the milk of grass-grazed cows and nothing else. Fresh whole milk makes an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character.

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  • Starwing Brewery

    In 1877 a redbrick Sawmill stood proud, looking across the fields of rural Suffolk. In its dust, nearly 150 years later, awakes Star Wing Brewery.

    Still a place where craft and industry meet, the tree rings of old are laid bare and new lines are drawn.

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  • Gipsy Hill Brewing Company

    AT GIPSY HILL WE FOCUS ON BIG FLAVOUR, MOREISH BREWS. We make no nonsense, full flavoured beer, so you can keep the conversation going. Gipsy Hill. Drink it and talk to people.

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  • Saints Row Brewing

    A brewery,based in Stockton. 5 years of homebrewing passion led to opening. Currently just casks. Kegs and cans of unique beers will come to life very soon

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